About iphone revolution

iphone 5 have skull matching with 4s xD on other hand smartphones companies are getting out  cpu’s 2 gigabites random access memory HD ambled displays (1280 x 720) and a lot of  favourite features and right to do something on your phone, iphone still launches the same phone over and over again and say that is revolutionary, it is not iphone hardware, it is samsung’s hardware cpu’s ram and memory , almost same design oh yeah the frame was changed, same OS, it looks the first and same size

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New Era of computer Software

“64-Bits Computing permits for More RAM memory”

In 19th century, Intel manufactured its first 32-bits central processing unit. Even in 1993 the first fully 32-bits Windows operating system was under process, officially it was ending the 16-bit era. These days 64-bits processors have become the normal in desktops and notebooks, No doubt Microsoft still would not shift to all-64-bit Windows. But it can not remain in the 32-bits world in the near future.

As we consider the 64-bits versions of Windows operating systems, it have been around since Windows XP, and 64-bits central processing units have been with us even longer. In fact, most of the computers sold these days has a 64-bit processor under the process. In some cases Microsoft will have to put away 32-bits altogether, as it did with 16-bits when it releasedthe Windows NT, if it requires to induce consumers (and 3rd-party hardware and software developers) to upgrade. That is not likely with Windows 7, the upcoming operating system is already being exibit in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. But limitations in 32-bit’s addressing structure will eventually force everyone’s to shift to new technology, it is already a problem for 32-bit Vista users, who have found that the operating system would not access more than about 3 GB of RAM because it simply does not have the bits to access additional memory.

Now expert to see the shift towards 64-bit accelerate with Windows 7, Microsoft will likely switch over to 64-bit exclusively with Windows 8. That’ll be 2013 at the earliest. Meanwhile, operating system Mac OS X Leopard is already 64-bit, and some hardware manufacturers are currently trying to transition customers to 64-bit versions of Windows, and what about 128-bit computing, which would represent the next big step? Let’s tackle one sea change at a time and prepare for vision 2030.

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Why to choose GSLogix

GSLOGIX is emerging Software Company,it is based on sound experience, energy, self-motivation and enthusiasm. We believe in Team work to produce Quality work. We follow emerging technologies path and believe in continuous improvement. We use custom variation of extreme Programming software methodology to produce high quality products realistically. We also provide Quality with optimize cost.

Quick Responce

With our professional web designs, you can establish and maintain your own professional internet presence worldwide. Our professional web designs will help you target your audience more effectively and efficiently. We make your website look professional and eye catching. We make sure your website will stand out to your visitors and help you accomplish your company goals.

Our Expertise

GSLOGIX also solve your problems by providing you reliable and quality solutions at an affordable cost. Our services are highly dependent on our comitment. Our team is energetic and dadicated to do multiple tasks with true quality in software industry. Our experience in the Software Development Life Cycle has allowed us to develop a clear and concise management process.
Our experience in the Software Development Life Cycle has allowed us to develop a clear and concise management process.

Virtual Teams

GSLOGIX solve your problems by providing you reliable and quality solutions at an affordable cost. Our services are highly dependent on our team work. Our team is energetic and dedicated to perform multiple tasks in software industry. Our experience in the Software Development Life Cycle has allowed us to develop a clear and concise management process.
Our experience in the Software Development Life Cycle has allowed us to develop a clear and concise management process.

Out Sourcing

GSLogix also provides out sourcing,as technology opened its doors to business and marketing, companies have rapidly embraced these changes and integrated it with their business processes in market growth. Now a days Outsourcing plays key role in business strategies, whether on large or small-scale, has taken into consideration. Outsourcing has answered to different Back Office Processes such as Indexing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Litigation Support, Legal Transcription, Internet Research and Office Assistant Support.
GSLOGIX with its competence, professionalism and affordability in Outsourcing Services, has been known in the industry of Pakistan Outsourcing.

Innovation at GSLogix

At GSLOGIX creative design media, we have a talented and well experienced team of programmers, designers and animators who can help you with all your graphic design, animation and imaging needs. Just have a look at our extensive portfolio of graphic design and you will immediately know why our clients are always satisfied. Our professional graphic design is coupled with very competitive pricing and fast delivery. This amazing combination helps us deliver successful graphic design projects.

Affordable Cost

Your website can have the best information and the latest products but if your graphic design is a mess then you will lose more customers then you think. The whole idea behind graphic design is to create an appealing atmosphere for your visitors, one which is easy on the eyes and helps guide the visitor naturally to your products or services. To make sure you get the most out of your graphic design, you need the services of GSLOGIX now.
GSLOGIX is Pakistan based Design Company that offers a complete range of graphic design services. These include posters, brochures, signage, logo design, web site design and much more. Our teams of professional graphic designers are dedicated to provide you with cutting edge design and graphics. All this will eventually help your site do better and in the long run will craft a positive image of your business website.

High Quality Graphics

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GSLOGIX is an experienced web design company that provides advanced services to the clients. It also gives its services in the field of web designing and website development. We specialize in graphic design, advertising design, modern design, innovative design, corporate design, web page design, flyer design, business card design and much more. We always focus on using latest technology and rich artistic web design elements to give your business a flourishing look. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative designs and styles to provide your website with a new image and to help you win in a competitive market. The important thing is, we do all this and more at highly competitive prices with lightning fast delivery.

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Prominent Features of IPhone 5

  • Storage Capacity in iphone: New version of Apple is offering 32 GB and 64GB iPhone science 2011, so apple is attentive that it would be difficult push iPhone 5 without  128 GB of storage. iPhone 5’s lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory.
  • Strength: iPhone 5 is without signal issues, as they are providing the strongest signal strength of any iPhone model,while these flaws are present in previous versions, it shows  the best features of iphone to ever come to market.
  • Face Recognition feature: The new iPhone 5 have Face Recognition for Security purpose so that you should not  worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it.
  • Thickness: All three iPhone had thinner bodies than the previous model so the iPhone 5 can be the thinnest yet & much nicer overall body design of the phone.
  • More Battery Life: iPhone 5 will have Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G.
  • Video Chatting: Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one. This in amazing.
  • Dual core processor: For Outstanding Video Quality Apple May Introduce A5 Dual Core Process with iPhone 5
  • Screen: Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen features are also provided.
  • Built In GPS: You will  never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS applications.
  • Operating system: It is more expected that Apple will introduce iPhone 5 with latest input output S5.
  • Surprised: As it is  the tradition of Apple,  iPhone 5 will also disclose some surprise features also.
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Why Linux server

1. Linux is an open source software invention. Therefore it does not require the high licensing fees that other operating systems so one can freely download and use it without any cost.

2. Linux website can easily be transformed to a Windows website without much irritate. Moreover the website can easily be changed as the necessity of the user.

3. Linux web hosting is incredibly economical because it provides free operating system.Sometimes, only the cost of distribution is borne by the host.
4. When the scripting language like PHP, MySQL, or Perl etc. are obligatory for your website then Linux server hosting is the most consistent and cost effective for the client. The load of scripting language, this will not be traceable.

5. There are so many types of databases that run on Linux hosting, but the majority likely among web host providers are mSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Such databases are relational in nature, and permit greatly optimized communication with the client website for quick repossession of data.

6. A lots of circles that Linux hosting is hypothetical to be much securing than Windows hosting, and for that reason only Linux server hosting is also the more popular choice for web developers and programmers.

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Drupal 7 (Enhanced features)

Here is a outline of the updates introduced to Drupal 7.

System Requirements:

This is not a complete list of requirements.

Database: MySQL 5.0.15 or PostgreSQL 8.3

PHP Version 5.2 or higher

PHP Memory: 40M – 64M

Security in Drupal 7:

  • It is more secure execution for scheduled tasks
  • It is more secure password system.
  • It is more secure log-in system.
  • It’s modules can be updated via the web.
  • Administrative links to edit existing page elements are now accessible on each web page, without having to go to an administration page first.
  • enhanced support for addition of WYSIWYG editors.
  • Added more drag-and-drop for administrative tasks.
  • Permissions now have the ability to handle more data description.
  • User 1 produced as part of the installation process.
  • extra features to the default install profile (tagging on the Article content type).
  • Setting up automated task runs can now be achieved via Drupal’s configuration alone,
  • Redesigned password strength validation to make it  easier and affordable.
  • Renamed “input formats” to “text formats”.
  • Added support for default text formats to be assigned on a per-role basis.
  • Moved text format permissions to the main permissions page
  • Added “vertical tabs”, a reusable interface factor that features automatic summaries and increases usability.
  • Removed per-user themes: Contributed modules with similar functionality are available.
  • Added new “Shortcuts” module to allow user to create their own menu for the pages they visit the most.
  • The query builders are added for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, and SELECT queries.
  • It provides the Support for master/slave replication, transactions, multi-insert queries,delayed inserts, and other features.
  • It provides the default feature to InnoDB engine, somewhat like MyISAM, on MySQL when available for greater scalability and data reliability.
  • Hook API documentation now available in Drupal core.
  • It is supported with OPML import functionality for RSS feeds.
  • It also support  feed update options.
  • It provides support for language-aware searches.
  • It provides test framework and tests.
  • The Bluemarine is removed, Chameleon and Pushbutton themes. These themes live on as contributed themes
  • “Bartik” theme is added as the default user interface theme.
  • “Seven” is added theme as the default administration interface theme.
  • “Stark” is added theme to make analyzing Drupal’s default HTML and CSS easier.
  • Files are now class Drupal objects with file_load(), file_save(),
    and file_validate() functions and corresponding hooks.
  • Now Files use PHP stream wrappers to permit support for both public and private files and to support pluggable storage mechanisms and access to remote resources.
  • A field specifically is added for uploading files, previously provided by
    the contributed module FileField.
  • The image is Improved in handling, including enhanced support for add-on image
  • A  field is added specifically for uploading images, previously provided by the contributed module ImageField.
  • It Provides most of the features of the former Content Construction Kit (CCK) module.
  • It also customize data fields may be attached to nodes, users, comments and taxonomy terms.
  • The Fields are translatable.
  • The new version is upgraded the core JavaScript library to jQuery version 1.4.2.
  • The new version is also Upgraded the jQuery Forms library to 2.36.
  • There is addition of jQuery UI 1.8, which allows improvements to Drupal’s user experience.
  • It is supported with improved handling of long-running tasks.

Usability in Drupal 7:


presentation Improvements Implemented

Documentation improvement:

News aggregator added:



Theme system Analysis:

File handling Module:

Image handling module:

 Multisite Installations

Better support for search engine optimization and web linking

Added ability to add custom fields

Installer can be executed from the command line

JavaScript changes

enhanced  control system

Task handling

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Why Android Powered Phones Are Smarter

The smartphone is a matchless mobile device with highly developed computing capability and connectivity compared to other feature mobile phones. And the main thing is that, the smartphones almost equal the processing features of a laptop computer.

Although iPhone with the operating system took a big share from  Blackberry during the last year, Google, Apple and RIM are all competing for the top spot in the smartphone battle.

One of the company has just released the latest market share data. The Android OS has toppled the RIMBlackBerry and Apple iOS in the meantime, the MicrosoftOS platform occupied 10 percent share while HP’s Palm and Nokia’s Symbian occupied 4 percent and 2 percent, in that order.


The data also says that one reason why RIM and Apple continue to do glowing , the reason is that they are the producers of their own operating system for their own phones. The updates and fixes are faster than those on the Android OS platform, as the latter is spread among different manufacturers.

Generally there are five reasons that shows the  Android-powered devices might fare better than others.

Android smartphones are superior and have better design. TheSamsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Atrix 4G are phones that are competitive in future market with their computer-equivalent provision. They have enhanced multimedia, different display sizes, and supplementary memory for multitasking.

The Android powered smartphones are available from several different devices producers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung. They are also available with a choice of carriers and different plans to go with  different users’ needs.

The price issue has its own importance. The majority of  clients have a propensity to change their smarpthone as it gets old, and the availability of cheaper and more stylish Android phones might make it more feasible for them, as Apple maintains high prices for the iPhone.

The applications store for Android smarpthones is emergent and complex and more better applications are filling that marketplace. There is almost cross-compatibility using the handsets.

How quick data can be accessed is a vital feature. The Android smartphones are easily accessible for the customers, faster 4G networks, while iPhones and Blackberrys are not fulfilling these features.

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Is iPhone’s Voice Search Weakness Vs. Android

Spoken Magic:

I have used various Android phones with since August 2010. They are amazing. By pressing on the search button, speak a command, and the phone works like magic.

It is to much cool. I find that a few months before when visiting with a friend who was using an old  phone. While talking a question about something came up, I whipped out my phone and spoke the question. Within a few seconds, Google search had delivered me the right answer.

“How did you do that,” my friend asked.

I explained that it was part of Android and that I could do other cool things. I spoke “Text” and her name with in a message. In a few seconds, what I said magically appeared in a text message on one’s phone’ display. That made her want the phone even more.

Apple’s iPhone Was Lacking

This is someone who should be a natural Apple customer. Some  one wants this phone that I could talk to, and get answers from, or make do things without pecking away at a keyboard, on screen or otherwise.

It is  mentioned that there was the application that support it. Some people have sworn by this application, including our technical person here But when someone looked at  It just never found it that fast or super impressive, versus other ways I personally could search by phone.

When I did some instant glance against common Google Voice Actions last year, I originate that Google also kept back winning. thus it was a potential solution for it, but not for the things.

Beyond Siri, there was Google Search By Voice for the iPhone, part of the Google application. That would allow to speak the searches but it still fell short of being a match to what Google Voice Actions were doing to complete tasks, and the ease in how they did that.

It should be better off with an iPhone. But if she had not been in an Apple household, the voice features of Android might have pulled it over to that world.

The optimum Solution

That’s what one patches up, one of the huge areas where Apple’s iPhone was weak against Android. When I did my last assessment of Android phones, I also covered the iPhone  and this was one of the four weaknesses I named.

In the end, I still find myself feeling a sense of relief when I go back to using my iPhone. The interface of native applications feels better. The overall know-how feels improved. The phone is more solid. It just seems to work better.

I sometimes wonder why I am wanting to use an Android phone at all. But then I keep in mind my three key reasons which are now joined by a fourth:

  • Google Voice Actions
  • GPS Navigation
  • Google Voice
  • 4G speed
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Samsung wants to block Apple selling the iPhone 4S in France and Italy

It seems that not a day goes by without a new development in the ongoing spat between Apple and Samsung over the supposed similarity between the two companies’ devices. Now Samsung has announced that it is lodging preliminary requests to place an injunction on sales of the iPhone 4S is France and Italy.

In this case, Samsung’s gripe is over two patents related to Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standards for 3G mobile handsets, which it claims Apple is infringing in its new handset which was announced less than a day ago and is due to go on sale on 14 October.

In a statement as fiercely worded that you’d expect from this battle, Samsung says in its announcement:

The infringed technology is essential to the reliable functioning of telecom networks and devices and Samsung believes that Apple’s violation as being too severe and that the iPhone 4S should be barred from sales.

Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation.

Injunction requests are being placed in Paris and Milan today, Samsung says. Last week the company warned that an injunction against sales of the new iPhone may be forthcoming before it had even been announced, following a similar move in South Korea.

The move comes on the same day that it was revealed that Samsung is seeking to have the iPad’s design rights revoked in the European Union.

courtesy: Thenextweb

backlink: http://thenextweb.com/mobile/2011/10/05/samsung-wants-to-block-apple-selling-the-iphone-4s-in-france-and-italy/?awesm=tnw.to_1BArQ&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=tnw.to-other&utm_source=t.co&utm_content=spreadus_master

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Apple disappoint fans? I don’t think so

Everybody in the world was first talking about the release of Iphone 5. Although Apple had not declared officially anything like that would be happen in that event. you can say this hype was not created by Apple. Now when this is clear that, it was not about Iphone 5, than why everyone is disappointed with Apple??? I am unable to understand the logic behind this disappointment.

I must say IPhone 5 will not be an ordinary product, because expectations are at highest peaks of all time. So it must take some time to prepare a master piece. Even if Apple take up to two or three years to release Iphone 5 it is justified. But i know this is not going to happen. Demands are high and competition is also increasing, because you know Microsoft is also in the competition of smartphone now. I am hoping that Iphone 5 is not launching in 2011. It can be a gift of 2012 if they launch it in start of 2012.

In this heart broken hype everybody ignoring the key feature of IPhone 4S Apple Assistant. Apple was very excited because they are thinking, it will be a key milestone in smartphone industry, but after disappointment people are ignoring such a great feature. I personally think Apple rocks the party with this feature. So please people focus on the features rather than the word “5″. :D

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